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lndustrial Equipment

Cincinnati Automation
Ford Jacobs, Design Engineer

"Alibre Design has quickly taken our company from the 2D design world into the 3D design world. This has facilitated a huge reduction in design time and greatly reduced design errors. It has also made a very big difference in our company's image to our customers. With the ability to share our concepts and ideas with our customers using 3D images, our ability to understand and provide the customers exactly what they need has been very much improved. We are tapping into new market areas that we simply could not have competed in before we started using Alibre Design. I am very satisfied."

OmniTek vof
Wim Wagelaar, Director/Owner

"OmniTek was basically started in 1979 as a company which produced and developed glass instruments for laboratories and chemical industries. Because of a declining market we decided about 2 years ago to make a switch to developing and engineering complete automated measuring equipment for petrochemical and plastic industries.
We had already started with a low cost CAD software but it lacked the parametric and sheet metal functions. After a test period we decided to purchase Alibre Design Professional. The learning period was very short and the interface is pretty nice to work with.
We immediately started to completely redesign our automated viscosity equipment (see picture) in Alibre Design. This is an instrument with which the oil and lubricant manufacturers/suppliers can determine the oil viscosity with a high degree of accuracy and speed.
We were astonished about the functionality of Alibre Design and it gives us the opportunity to do our developing and engineering without investing $10,000- $20,000 or even more. we also appreciate the excellent data management.

In short, we are happy with Alibre Design. Keep the good work going!"

Auld Valves Ltd
Tom McLarnon, Design Engineer

"We are just a small company, but since purchasing Alibre Design last year we are now able to produce professional looking sales leaflets with 3D valve models on the front.
These models make the operation of our valves so much easier for our customers to follow and help immensely when discussing problems over the telephone.
The support from your headquarters has also been first class when I encountered a problem."
Keep up the good work!

Wheat Design Service
John Wheat, Owner

"I am a one-man consulting business and had been evaluating another product but the cost was just too prohibitive for my budget. When I found out about Alibre Design I could not believe the price. I downloaded the 30 day trial and within 10 days I was convinced it was a great deal and purchased Alibre Design Professional. Within one week of use, I was confident enough to commit a new design project to Alibre Design.
I continue to be amazed at the service I have received. Being from the Dallas area, I have had the opportunity to meet most of the people at Alibre and I am very encouraged by their professional attitude and dedication. I can, without hesitation, recommend Alibre Design to anyone."

Pheonix Scientific Inc.
Bruce Boston, Sr. Mechanical Engineer

"Phoenix Scientific Inc. specializes in high accuracy Laser Scanning Measurement Systems, and has a contract to develop a non-scanning "Macrotexture Laser Measurement" System with a sub-millimeter beam diameter to profile the texture of highway surfaces. The measurements will be used to characterize the pavement surface for vehicle tire breaking action and road noise. The primary design objectives are for the system to be low cost, provide high measurement precision, and operate at a data rate of at least 64,000 samples per second. In addition to highway surface measurements, the sensor will have industrial and manufacturing applications where a high data rate non-contact sensor can improve quality control or inspection processes.
Previous design work was done on a MAC CAD package that did not provide the necessary capabilities to rapidly design a Brassboard Test Assembly to verify the analysis that was being done by the Optical Design Engineer.
Alibre Design was selected as the CAD package to rapidly design a Brassboard Test Assembly and also generate a drawing package of the parts for machine shop fabrication. In addition, the Alibre Design graphics capabilities provided an easy way to exchange mechanical design ideas with the Optical Engineers, and also output graphic inputs to include with Progress Reports.
The Brassboard testing is going well, and has verified the Optical Design approach. Alibre Design is now being used to reconfigure the optical components into a compact prototype package in preparation for introducing the system into the market.
The model above shows the Brassboard test assembly with an aluminum plate breadboard, a laser electronics and diode sub-assembly (gold), output and receiver lens sub-assemblies (grey), and receiver electronics sub-assembly (olive green). 80 TPI adjustors (grey in blue mounting bases) were used to provide 6 degree-of-freedom alignment of the lens sub-assemblies as an alternate to purchasing translation stages for the test."


Triton Systems, DBA

Wes Kelly

"For about three decades I've worked in trajectory analysis, flight control systems and propulsion for aerospace vehicles. In aerospace, engineers face the choice: become more specialized -- or more of a generalist. Working on preliminary design in small groups or on my own, especially with Triton Systems, the choice is made for me by the need to integrate my work with colleagues in other disciplines into an overall design concept.

In doing a trajectory analysis, an engineer can [estimate] how large a launch vehicle a space mission might need, but there is still the matter of laying out the propellant tanks, wings and control systems. When it comes to placing electronic boxes on a flight deck or wheels in a wheel well, there is no alternative but to make a concept drawing so that the use of space is evident to all. What's more, almost every issue about a vehicle's build up is subject to a trade. It is not simply a matter of building one part; it is also a matter of trading them out in the overall design (or should I say "assembly"), and studying the effect. This could be mass properties, structural or thermal loads, moment balance or cost.

Currently, with much interest in small, commercial space projects (e.g., X-prize vehicles or successors cheap access to space, "space tourism") small groups of engineers are scurrying to find inexpensive means to do Computer Aided Design. My conclusion: Alibre Design is the way to go.

Prior to working with Alibre Design, my previous drawing efforts evolved from hand sketches, "cut and paste", to two dimensional drawing products such as "Canvas"; but when it came to 3-dimensional drawings, I was stymied either by the cost of genuine CAD packages or the ineffectiveness of basic products available on commercial shelves. With Alibre Design, I discovered a product that addressed my concerns. was within my budget to get started.
2.I could teach myself to use the product to a large extent and
3.When I got stuck, there were several means to communicate with help desks or user groups.
4.Coming from a non-drafting or CAD background I was able to make immediate headway.
5.The part, subassembly and assembly structure was a valuable tool in conducting trades or doing variations on basic designs.
6.The potential to do direct finite element analysis on resulting designs is great and I look forward to tapping it.
7.The Alibre team is listening to my customer feedback.

As a result of using Alibre Design, I have a means to showcase a reusable launch vehicle concept for interested parties as well as an analysis tool that rounds out the development effort. "

Eltee Tool & Die Co.
Mike Nash, CAD/CAM Programmer

"I think that Alibre Design is the most user friendly software I have ever had the pleasure to use. We have gone from drawing all our parts in 2D and moved into the world of 3D with absolutely no training because of how simple Alibre Design makes it.

This is a picture of a platform assembly that I drew in Alibre Design the second day I had the software. Thank you Alibre for the Great product and the excellent customer service."



Yar Golf's putter hits the links on the PGA Tour

For years, different golf companies have tried to design the perfectly balanced putter to improve a golfer’s score where they rack up the most points, on the green. Dr. Essay Anne Vanderbilt, the aerospace engineer designed a putter that can do just that - improve your ‘on green’ performance.


Nicolai Hansen - Alibre Racer

Nicolai Hansen may only be 20 years old, but he's taking his dreams to the next level by driving his own racecar and designing his way to a better future. Nic is in the middle of his university level of education in Denmark, where he is becoming a Precision Engineer. His love for design techniques and attention to detail led him to study engineering, but his real passion is Moto-sport.


Introducing the Rainmaker

The USG 12 Rainmaker fully automatic multi-ammo shotgun is the brain child of a former US Army infantryman. A multi-ammo weapon is not a new idea; in fact, some of the most prolific gun makers have tried and failed at the making them, but TAHO Designs had the power of 3D design tool that allows you to parametrically change you design before you ever build a single part.



This case study was featured in the January 2012 Issue of Popular Science Magazine! See how's Vin Marshall designed and created a new bracket to hold a throttle position sensor in place for his old Ford pickup.

Running with the Wind

It’s not uncommon to see a solar panels installed on homes. Why not wind turbines? Inventor Helmuth Geiser of Fort Myers, Florida, thought this was an interesting question, and with the help of parametric modeling with Alibre Design, his company now offers a line of small-scale wind turbines that gives solar technology a run for its money.


Try To Detect It

When most new users of Alibre Design start on their first project, they usually choose an assembly that is relatively simple and maybe something they can use. Few would be so ambitious to attempt something as exotic as a neutron detector.


Feeding the Mechanical Mind

Bruce Buchner worked his way through college as a machinist and always enjoyed figuring out mechanical problems. Now an MBA, his job as a government financial analyst deals in numbers, not shapes.

Designed to Rock

One could call Matt Blake a luthier – a builder of custom guitars – but one thing you can’t call him is a guitarist. “I’m actually a bass player,” he says. “but my guitar friends kept complaining that I wasn’t making them any guitars, so that’s what I’m mostly doing now. I don’t know how to play them, but I can build them.”

MacGyvering with Madox

With a background in mechatronics, John Chan works as an ICT engineer designing computer systems for trains. In his free time, Chan chronicles his digital diversions under the handle Madox where he shows us how to hack his new Alibre designed iPhone- controlled mecanum rover robot.

Tattoo artist uses Alibre Design to create ergonomic tattoo machine

Orange County tattoo artist, Franco Vescovi, creates body art with his new tattoo machine, an ergonomic design made with Alibre Design. Alibre designer and machinist Clint Clark helped Vescovi to design, prototype, and set up the initial runs of production.

Alibre Designer's Lightweight Scooter Boosts Son's Mobility

There's plenty of motorized scooters to assist people who have mobility problems, but very few suit the needs of a 12-year-old boy. In this case, you may have better luck building your own, as Alan Anganes did for his son, Raymond.

Alibre Design Puts Robotic Projects into Motion

Josh Sanderson is learning how to walk. More specifically, he's studying the nuances of walking, so he can program more refined robotic movement..

As summer temperatures blaze, WarmSpring makes the heat flow!

WarmSpring attic heat recovery system takes a more practical approach to exploiting low-grade heat from a seasonally hot attic, working with the combination of an attic ventilation fan with a compact air-to-water heat exchanger. See how Alibre Design Professional helps make the WarmSpring system a reality.

STOLTZ Spreaders are designed by Free Enterprise

What does Free Enterprise mean to STOLTZ MFG.? To Bernard Hershberger, owner and design engineer, it means improving product lines with new options to give better performance in the field. Free enterprise means good jobs, providing value and satisfaction to customers to make STOLTZ as profitable as possible.



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Output Gallery

Output Gallery

Automotive and Transportation
Thordon Bearings Ing.
Vaughn Power, Marine Systems Designer
"Alibre Design has allowed me to reproduce a full 3D assembly model of our lubrication system. I had already completed a similar design using Mechanical Desktop but was surprised to find that I could complete an entire new design in about half the time using Alibre Design."

Croft Trailer Supply, Inc.

Rick Stephens Jr
"We had no diagrams, drawing, or other technical specifications to build our trailers from. We searched for a CAD package and (luckily) found Alibre Design. It was priced well and performed excellently. Alibre Design has met and exceeded my expectations, not only as a product, but as a company.

We now have 3D models of all of the standard Utility Trailers that we manufacture and should complete the technical drawings within another week. That is 5 unique trailer designs completed. When the drawings are completed, we will be able to hand a set of them to a newly hired welder and virtually walk away. In the past, we have had to use the time of an existing employee to train new welders in the intricacies of how we build trailers. Having these drawings available will increase productivity and save the loss of manpower while "training" a new employee. Thanks Alibre!

Building a trailer isn't rocket science, but our trailers are overbuilt to withstand a significant amount of abuse. Many of our trailers are sold to rental companies and they must be able to withstand rough use time and time again for the rental company to receive value. Others are sold to commercial lawn and landscape companies. We have all seen what those trailers go through simply by driving through any suburban neighborhood or business district.

I am not a degreed engineer. I started using Alibre Design as a consultant simply trying to learn a new "software package". The sales team was outstanding in their level of assistance during the trial period and the support team has not let that reputation down even a little bit. I have never had to wait for more than a couple of hours for a response to any problem I have had, and 98% of the problems that I have had have been of my own creation. The support staff has proven to be highly knowledgeable about the product. They have also shown great patience with a non-engineer and have worked with me to understand engineering terminology and techniques that most users of this product would already have.

I cannot give this product and the Alibre staff enough compliments to express my deep gratitude and happiness with them and the product."

Bombardier Transportation
Mike Samorodny, Design Engineer

"We design passenger BiLevel commuter rail cars at Bombardier. Recently we needed to reinforce a connection between the corner post and roof rail of our car body structure.

With Alibre Design, I was able to import the profiles of the complicated extruded aluminum sections from AutoCAD and turn them into 3D models in no time flat.

From there it was possible to design the reinforcing tube and the riveted connections and account for all potential interferences before we tried it in production. I was able to build the model in just a few hours whereas finding enough surplus material to assemble a small mock-up took over two weeks.

Alibre Design is allowing us to experiment with the power of solid modeling and break out of our 2D confinement at last."

Gaspar Acevedo, Engineering Manager

"At Magove, we build custom designed production machinery, welding cells and quality check devices mainly for the automotive industry. We may be building a bagging machine for dog food, a machine tool for a lubrication groove on a crank bearing and a robotic welding cell for exhaust tubes all at the same time.

In this ever changing environment, it's easy to see that we are never experts on our client's particular production process because we change processes from one job to the next. This situation makes project reviews and client involvement a critical part of our business success. We used to design using 2D Cad software and it was almost impossible to make our clients review us during the design stage. Reviews happened mostly during early construction and commissioning stages with very high associated costs.

We thought about using 3D software a number of times, but the high cost of a license + training, and the time needed to get productive with the new tool kept us from taking this step. A year ago, we contacted a CAD consultant, who is proficient in all the major CAD packages. He studied our case and spoke to us about Alibre Design suggesting it as a great tool. Today, we own 3 Alibre Design seats and will be buying one or two additional seats next year. We are now pretty much involved in 3D modeling and I can definitely say that the consultant was wrong, Alibre Design is not just an entry level tool, it may well be all you'll ever need.

We didn't only improve client involvement with Alibre Design, but we also improved involvement from our internal design team in reviewing and brainstorming projects in which not everyone was fully involved.

At first, we thought we'd use Alibre Design just for projects where 3D was mandatory, but it didn't take us long to realize that we could drop 2D for good.

At first, we thought we'd use Alibre Design just for projects where 3D was mandatory, but it didn't take us long to realize that we could drop 2D for good.
Getting started was extremely quick (and fun) thanks to the professional and friendly attitude of the support staff.
Last, it's impressive how many new features have been added to the software in one year.
I would surely recommend Alibre Design to any one in my field."
Index Sensors & Controls
Tony Thorne, Manager of Engineering

"Our company had utilized Pro/E for the last few years and it has become apparent that Pro-E - (although a powerful program) is not a program for non CAD experts.

If models are created to produce a product, we have expectations to utilize that material in presentations, cut sheets, or other marketing / sales materials, but the mechanical engineers would have to extract those materials at a cost of their time.

What the company needed was a program that provided a powerful CAD package, yet allowed casual users like program managers and application engineers to exploit the work already expended by the engineering department.

After several months of reviewing SolidWorks, Pro/E Wild fire, and Inventor 6.0 (now 8.0), we chose Autodesk Inventor because of the built in interface to our existing MRP system and an intuitive user interface.

Although some of us were biased towards SolidWorks (past life experience), the corporate decision was made based on performance, cost, and how we move forward with quality systems and MRP. Most important is an intuitive interface for casual users.

Unfortunately, those of us with lap tops that travel, provide presentations to customers, etc., would be burdened with a very large chunk of our hard drive dedicated to the modeling program.

Only a few weeks after we installed our new Inventor 7.0 package, I learned of Alibre Design and immediately purchased a personal copy for my laptop. As a manger of engineering, I can now import models created from Inventor and utilize the expended man-hours of mechanical engineering for other media materials - thereby increasing the value of the R&D process.

But as a power electronics engineer with 15 years in the electronics industry, I was extremely impressed with Alibre Design's menu structure and help menus. After only 30 days, I personally have modeled several parts and now using them in presentations of new product ideas, without expending valuable mechanical engineering resources on marketing / sales tools.

Looking at the power of Alibre Design and the easy user interface, I find Alibre Design a more powerful tool and wished I discovered it a month before our purchase of Inventor.

Although the parts I've modeled are still proprietary and cannot post them, I am excited about installing the upgrade to maximize the presentation materials for MS Power Point."

Company: Index Sensors has 27 years experience in the design and development of temperature & pressure sensors, and OEM electronic controls that are utilized in off-road and heavy truck industry.

Electronic MicroSystems, LLC
John Kubesh, Vice President

My background is in the development of low emissions engines, particularly those operated on alternative fuels. I was employed at Southwest Research Institute for 12 years, and my design needs there were handled either by hand-drawn sketches for the technicians and machinists, or by members of the engine design group who used Pro/Engineer. In 2003, I left to join a colleague in his small engineering consulting firm that specialized in development of electronic engine control systems. As part of this work, I had to design components for various fuel injection systems and other control actuators. I knew that I should use some form of solid modeling software to design these parts, but I was familiar enough with Pro/E to know it was very expensive and not that easy to master, so I began looking for alternatives. My first try was to use the free Pro/Desktop software from PTC, but it took me a while just to get through the tutorial, and then it was still not that intuitive for me. I next found Alibre Design on a CD on the back of NASA Tech Briefs magazine, and I gave it a try. Within one day I was using it and felt very comfortable with it, so I purchased it. I have used it for many different purposes, such as designing fuel injection hardware, valves, laying out placement of sensors, etc. It is very powerful and easy to use, and the realized value of this software, in terms of product out versus initial investment of cost and training time, is extremely high."
























Consumer Products
Gumbo Product Development

Ren Tubergen, Ph.D., P.E., Mechanical Engineer
"I used Alibre Design in a pinch to create sound 3D models of a complex roto-molded tank. The tank was to be portable and have the pumping equipment in a cavity in the back of the part. Alibre Design allowed me to design the complex part so that it had a simple open and close mold which reduced mold and part cost. The software allowed for standard IGES output files which the model shop was able to use further reducing mold cost. The project worked out great and created a happy customer for me and another happy customer for Alibre."

Audio Design Labs, Inc.
Richard Walborn, Chief Technical Officer

"Before getting Alibre Design and PhotoRender, I did all my designs using 2D CAD. My previous employer had a designer using Pro/E so I was a least familiar with 3D CAD. However, since starting my own business there was no way I could afford Pro/E or SolidWorks. I tried the free demo and at once thought the price was right. It was worth every dollar I spent. Now I use Alibre Design for all my design needs. I use Alibre Design with Alibre PhotoRender to develop concepts that I can share with my partners, clients, and vendors and get their feedback. I use the 2D CAD output, to send detailed drawings to our vender in China. The image is one of our speakers systems."

Jeff Mitchell
"I switched to Alibre Design Professional from another CAD system 3 months ago. There were several reasons that made this product attractive but initially I was interested in higher reliability for exporting my designs to FEA programs. During a phone conversation with an ALGOR representative he recommended Alibre Design, so I downloaded the trial. I found the interface very intuitive and the learning curve short. I have since become enamored with the collaborative design features and hope that this product might help me leap some of the language hurdles present with our overseas manufacturers. This solid modeler fits my needs and it's a super value."

Stephen Fitzgerald

"As a former SolidWorks user, I could not believe that Alibre Design could do what it claimed for so little money. After using the demo I was convinced, so I bought the professional version. A few months later I purchased the Algor Mechanical Events Simulation package, and was very pleasantly surprised to see that Alibre Design was integral to that FEA software as well. "That's great," I thought, "now I do my modeling and analysis in an integrated environment."

Recently, I was visiting a customer who manufactures graphite sporting goods (can't say exactly what, but you have heard of their brands) and suggested that they move from 2D to 3D. Their engineer was skeptical -- thought it would be too hard and too expensive. I showed them the site and they are going to get Alibre Design because of its ease of learning and its low cost. Now we will have round-trip integration from myself to the customer, through analysis and into production drawings. All of the software to do this cost less than one copy of SolidWorks!"



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